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Request Hotline

Posted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:24 pm
by CeeDee
Suggest a track for me to cover or play live on MOON TV.

Re: Request Hotline

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 6:45 pm
by Triton74ron
Hey Cee Dee. I have a request. It's a sound track request, for the Desperado (ST). Jack the Ripper, Link Wray. Six blade knife, Dire Straits. Back to the house that love built, Tito and the Trantulas. Another ST that is kool, is Heavy metal. anything from that album is awesome. Have a good day Guy and Gals! <o

Re: Request Hotline

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:39 am
by coppertropicals
ok ceedee, I wrote this is 6th grade and won a state competition for my grade... make it a song plz?

One gloomy day in the month of May an Atom was looking at the sky.
"Oh how I wish I were the Universe", the Atom said with a sigh.

At the same time that he was dreaming, the Universe did say:
"I would be an Atom, if I had my own way"

So the Atom and the Universe, they both traded places;
they thought each other had the worse, and that they had all the laces.

The Atom soon found out, that he liked his place better,
then he began to pout, and wrote Universe a letter.

"Dear Mr. Universe", the letter began, 'Would you please trade places back?
I like being close to Man; up here that's something I lack."

Universe got the letter, and read it with a smile
"I too like my place better, but the change was worth my while!"

So the Atom and the Universe, they both lived happy lives,
so when you think YOU have the worst, just live with it, and sigh.

Re: Request Hotline

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 10:07 am
by coppertropicals
Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive

Re: Request Hotline

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 11:17 pm
by CeeDee
Sweet poem girl :) I will be working on a track with these lyrics if that's cool with you:)!
@Bonjovi is good too, I'll add to the list.

@Triton: Desperado is a great pick. Will listen to that track ..
Heavy Metal the movie is just freakin epic as well.

thanks for the suggestions!

Re: Request Hotline

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:38 am
by coppertropicals
Foreigner: Girl on the Moon